Bioremediation – In-situ and Ex-situ bioremediation and applications

BIOREMEDIATION :- Bioremediation is a technique that used in the treatment of biological contamination also important in the decrease the concentration of hazardous waste material from the contaminated place. ⇒ There are two type bioremediation techniques. 1. In situ bioremediation technique 2. Ex situ bioremediation technique 1.IN SITU BIOREMEDIATION TECHNIQUE :- In situ remediation technique

Green fluorescent protein -Introduction, applications and limitations

Green fluorescent protein (GFP) :- Green fluorescent protein appear 238 amino acids. Each amino acids length is 26.9 KDa.GFP isolated from jellyfish aequorea Victoria. Aequorin is a one type of enzyme that assemble the breakdown of luciferin and realse light. Introduction of Green fluorescent protein  :- Japanese scientist osamu shimomura isolated GFP from the jellyfish

DNA as genetic material Fred Griffith : Bacterial transformation

DNA as genetic material Fred Griffith This experiment in Griffith was first showed genetic material. When transfer virulence bacteria  in mice. Actually, Griffith was discovered vaccine (antibiotic) medicine fight against Streptococcus pneumonia, but Griffith was found genetic material in mice. The early experiment of bacteriologist Fred Griffith In 1928 on the transfer of virulence in

Rheology and rheological properties -Types and application of rheological fluid

What is rheology ? Rheology is known as study of flow rate and deformation of materials. Capillary rheometer is describe the rheology. Rheology Importance in different science field. Rheology is mostly use in pharmaceutical companies (Industries)  for such as different kinds of cream, lotions , also used in the made up of different kinds of medicine.

Gas absorption (column) theory on biotechnology -Introduction and procedure

Gas absorption Gas absorption (Column) technique is used in the chemical industry. chemical industries used  this technique as a separation gases and liquid. gas absorption process is a chemical porcess and that used in separation of gases and transfer of gases into the liquid and also many types. Introduction :- Gas absorption also known as scrubbing process.