Kuru disease : Introduction, symptoms, causes and treatment

  • Kuru disease :-
  • Kuru disease is very rare and fetal nervous system disease. Kuru is one type of neurodegenerative disorder and this disorder is commonly found in people of Papua New Guniea.

Introduction of Kuru disease :-

  • Kuru eventually identified by Daniel Carleton Gajdusek in research.
  • And for the discovery of Kuru Daniel Carleton Gajdusek won Nobel prize in 1976 in physiology or medicine.
  • Kuru is commonly caused by transmission of abnormally folded prion proteins.
  • Abnormally folded prion proteins leads to symptoms such as loss of coordination, neurodegeneration and tremors.
  • Tremors is classical symptoms of this disease its means trembling it is also known as laughing sickness.
  • Kuru virus is transmitted in people of Papua New Guniea via through funerary cannibalism deceased family members were traditionally cooked and eaten.

Symptoms of Kuru disease :-

  • Symptoms of this disease is related to the Parkinson’s disease.
  • Common symptoms of this disease is difficulty in walking and poor coordination.
  • Difficulty  in swallowing.
  • Slurred in speech.
  • Moodiness and behavioral changes in peoples.
  • Dementia, muscle twitching and tremors in humans.
  • Inability to grasp objects in peoples.
  • Random and compulsive laughing and crying.
  • Normally this disease appear in three disease such as :
  1. Loss of body control
  2. Person unable to walk and this stage also known as sedentary stage.
  3. In third stage person normally bedridden and incontinent.

Causes of Kuru disease :-

Kuru disease
Kuru disease
  • Kuru is one type of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) disease and also called as prion disease.
  • Kuru is not caused by any virus, bacteria or any infectious agent, it caused by abnormal proteins prions.
  • Prions are not any type living organism and do not reproduce.
  • Prions are inanimate and misshapen proteins.
  • And these proteins are multiply in the brain and form clumps and hindering normal brain processes.

Diagnosis :-

  • We can diagnosed Kuru by using of blood test such as thyroid, folic acid level, liver and kidney function test.
  • We can also diagnosed to Kuru by using of electrodiagnostic tests.
  • In electrodiagnostic test we used electroencephalogram (EEG) to examine electrical activity of brain.
  • Activity of brain is also examine by MRI but MRI is not helpful.

Treatment :-

  • There is no successful treatment of kuru disease has been not found.
  • Prions that caused this disease, they are not easily destroyed.

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