Hemophilia :- Introduction, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Hemophilia :-

  • Hemophilia is one type of inherited bleeding disorder and In this disorder person has low levels of certain proteins are called as clotting factor.

Introduction of hemophilia :-

  • In clotting blood doesn’t clot properly.
  • Blood clotting leads to the excessive bleeding.
  • There are 13 types of blood clotting factors and these all clotting factors are work with platelets to help blood clotting.
  • Hemophilia is firstly recognized by Dr. Schonelin and his student Friedrich Hopff in 1878.
  • And then Argentinian physician Alferdo pavlosky identified two type of hemophilia-A and B.
  • In these two type A most common type in this disorder.
  • Normally type A is caused by blood clotting factor 8.
  • Type B is also known as Christmas disease and its caused by deficiency factor 9.


Symptoms :-

  • In this disorder symptoms of spontaneous bleedings are appear.
  • Blood comes in the urine and blood comes also in the stool.
  • Deep brusies, large and unexplained burises.
  • Excessive bleeding and bleeding gums.
  • Frequently blood comes into nose.
  • Pain in the joints.
  • Joints are tightly bound in this disorder.
  • Irriability in childrens.

Diagnosis :-

  • There are different types of blood test are used in the diagnosis of this disorder.
  • In blood test doctors are take blood sample and measure amount of blood clotting factor present.
  • Then the blood sample graded to identify the severity of the factor deficiency.
  • In this process mild disorder is indicating by a clotting factor in the plasma membrane that’s between 5 to 40%.
  • Moderate hemophilia is indicating by a clotting factor in the plasma membrane that’s between 1 to 5 %.
  • There are severe hemophilia is indicating by a blood clotting factor in the plasma membrane of less then 1 %.

Treatment of hemophilia :-

  • Replacement of clotting factor to particular factor it’s also known as replacement therapy.
  • Desmopressin is type of therapy that used in treatment of this disorder.
  • In desmopressin hormone can stimulate human body to release more clotting factor.
  • There are different therapies are also used in the treatment of this disorder such as.
  • Clot preserving medication therapy.
  • Fibrin sealants therapy.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Vaccination is also used in the treatment of this disorder.



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