Category: Molecular Biology

Tryptophan operon model -Introduction, Structure and applications

Tryptophan operon model :- Tryptophan operon is one type of operon. Tryptophan operon is cluster of genes that genes are transcribed together and produced tryptophan. Introduction of  tryptophan model :- Tryptophan operon is present in the different kind s of microorganisms but trp operon was firstly recognized in the Escherichia coli. Trp operon is discovered

Maxam gilbert sequencing- Introduction, procedure and applications

Maxam gilbert sequencing :- Maxam gilbert sequencing  was first method that used in the DNA sequencing. Maxam gilbert is first method to present the first generation of DNA sequencing technique. Introduction of maxam gilbert sequencing :- Maxam gilbert sequencing technique developed by allan maxam and walter gilbert in 1976. Maxam gilbert method is also known

Maldi-Mass spectroscopy -Preparation, functions and applications

MALDI-TOF AND MASS SPECTROSCOPY :- Mass important in the removal of charged atoms. Mass spectroscopy are used in the calculations of relative molecular mass of atoms. Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization is a high resolution and sensitive technique. Mass spectroscopy have require charged gaseous molecules for the analysis. ELEMENTS OF MASS SPECTROSCOPY :- MALDI –