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Alcohol production – Introduction, production, ethanol process, recovery and uses full overview

Alcohol production :- Alcohol production is also known as ethanol production and ethanol production is one type of biological process. Introduction of alcohol production :- In alcohol production glucose, sucrose and fructose are converted into cellular energy. And produced ethanol and carbon dioxide as a metabolic waste. Ethanol production is produced by anaerobic process. Sugar

Xanthan gum -Introduction, procedure, limitations and applications

XANTHAN GUM :- Xanthan gum is one type of natural extraa cellular polysaccharide. Xanthan gum are produced by fermentation of glucose and sucrose. Xanthomonas compestris organism take important part in fermentation of glucose and sucrose. INTRODUCTION :- It is soluble in the cold water and express very high pseudoplastic flow. In xanthan gum polysaccharides is