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Process and recovery of fungal amyalse, used assay and applications

Process and recovery of fungal amyalse :- Fungal amylase are important in the high yield production. Different micro organisms, fungi, strains are used in the producing of fungal amylase. Producing strains of fungal  amylase :- Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus polymyxa, Bacillus licheniformis are required as a bacteria. Aspergillus oryzae, Aspergillus niger, penicillium, cephalosporium mucor

Define factors affecting enzyme activity and applications

Define factors affecting enzyme activity :- Enzymes are important in the biochemical reaction. So that different factors affecting enzyme activity. Factors are interfere in the biochemical reaction of enzyme. There are different kinds of factors that are affect to the enzyme activity. Concentration of substrate Concentration of enzyme Temperature Potential of hydrogen (pH) Time of

Allosteric enzymes -Introduction, Allosteric regulations and applications

Allosteric enzymes :- There are some enzymes are contain allosteric site beyond to active site its known as allosteric enzymes. The allosteric sites have distinctive place in the enzyme molecules. Allosteric enzymes are contain one or more allosteric sites. Allosteric enzymes are introduced by nobel prize winner scientist Jacob and monad. Introduction of allosteric enzymes

Industrial enzymes -Introduction, Production and importance

INDUSTRIAL ENZYMES :-  Industrial enzymes are biological catalysts, they accelerates chemical reaction. Industrial enzymes are mainly used in the pharmaceuticals industries, chemical industries, biofuel production and food production etc. INTRODUCTION :-  Immobilized enzymes are mainly used in the industrial enzyme.  Immobilized enzymes are provide high level of resistance level against the temperature and PH.  Industrial

Protein engineering -Modification and applications

Protein engineering :- Modification into the structure of protein using of recombinant DNA technology its known as protein engineering. Protein engineering is used in the pharmaceutical industries and agricultural industries. Why we do protein engineering :- Study to structural and functional relationship into the protein. Study for development of new product formation. Also study because

Enzyme specificity -Introduction, types and applications

Enzyme specificity :- Most of enzymes are extremely specific in their mode of action. Enzyme specificity react against substrate that attack on enzymatic reaction. Enzyme specificity are catalyze against only one particular reaction. Introduction :- Enzyme specificity refers to the intercommunication between any specific enzyme and its comparable substrate. Enzyme specificity depends on the active

Heterologous Protein Production -Introduction and steps

HETEROLOGOUS PROTEIN PRODUCTION OF INSULIN IN E.COLI :- In Heterologous Protein production of insulin we used Escherichia coli  because of they are efficient, cost-effective, easy to purifies and produce high level of heterologous proteins. Heterologous means that produce species by using of another species. INTRODUCTION :- This protein also collected monomeric or multimeric forms of protein.

Biosensors Technology And Types With Examples and applications

BIOSENSORS :- The first Biosensors was discovered by Leland C. Clark in 1956. They  find biosensor for the detection of oxygen. Leland C. Clark is also known as father of biosensors. INTRODUCTION :- This is a one type of analytical device that used for the living organisms. Especially biosensors are used in the detection of