Author: Jay Hind

Single Cell Protein (SCP) : Introduction, production and applications

Single Cell Protein (SCP) :- Single cell protein definition such as total number of protein extracted from pure cultures of microorganisms such as Yeast, Algae, Bacteria and Filamentous fungi. Introduction of Single cell protein :- Single cell protein is also known as microbial protein. This protein is normally used as protein-rich food supplements by humans

Biodetorioration : Introduction, Abiotic factors, fungi involved in detorioration and control

Biodetorioration :- Biodetorioration means deterioration of non-metallic materials in presence of micro-organisms its known as biodetorioration. Non-metallic material such as glass, concrete, cement, rubber, plastic and rubber. Introduction of Biodetorioration :- It is also defined as any undesirable changes in the properties of materials caused by vital activities of organisms is also known as bio-detorioration.

Greenhouse gases -Introduction, Advantages and Disadvantages

Greenhouse gases :- Greenhouse gases are present in environment that absorb and emits radiant energy within the thermal infrared range. Introduction of greenhouse gases :- Gases that trap heat in the environment it’s called greenhouse gases. Earth is constantly bombard with large number of radiation and primarily from the sun. The solar radiation strikes on

Genetic code – Introduction, Initiator codon, Specificity, Non-sense codon

Genetic code :- When Deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA) and Ribose nucleic acid (RNA) molecules carry genetic information in living cells its known as genetic code. Introduction :- Genetic code are discovered by Dr. Marshall Warren Nirenberg and Heinrich J. Matthaei in 1961. These codes are highly similar all among microorganisms and can be expressed in

Fermentation Economics -Introduction, Components, Purification and product recovery

Fermentation Economics :- Fermentation economics are objective of any successful fermentation technique and they have ability to produce fermentation product. Introduction of fermentation economics :- In fermentation economics, product must be sold to recover all the costs along with desired profit. But manufacturing product should be complete with the consumers demand. There are two possibilities